Getting Involved as a User

MapGuide users include those deploying or developing applications that use MapGuide Open Source. At this level, users can download and install the software, join and participate in the mailing lists (using the links below), browse the mailing list archives, browse the source code in Subversion, and access all of the documentation and information on this site.

Join the Mailing Lists

Join the mailing lists to learn what other users are doing with MapGuide Open Source, ask questions, get answers, and when you get comfortable jump in and answer questions. The mapguide-users mailing list provides a wealth of information for all MapGuide Open Source users from novices to experts. Find out about new releases and events related to MapGuide Open Source on the mapguide-announce mailing list. Subscription information can be found through these links:

To browse archives of any of the mailing lists, visit these links

Use the Forum Interface

Some users may prefer to use a web-based forum system rather than mailing lists. Nabble has been set up to provide access to the MapGuide Open Source mailing lists. This interface also offers excellent search capabilities:

It is recommended that the mailing list is used rather than Nabble due to security concerns