Fusion Technology Preview Now Available

July 24, 2007 - The MapGuide Open Source project is happy to announce that DM Solutions Group will be contributing their "Fusion" technology to the MapGuide Open Source project. "Fusion" is the project name for a Software Developers Kit that provides tools and templates to speed development of web mapping applications. DM Solutions has worked with MapGuide Open Source since its first release, and saw an opportunity to better meet their clients application needs by creating a new toolkit based on their experience with MapServer - and they made quite a few improvements on the way!

You can see a demonstration of "Fusion" in action at: http://demo01.dmsolutions.ca/mapguide/fusion/demo/

Feel free to download and try out a preview of the Fusion technology that works with MapGuide Open Source 1.2.0 at: http://mapguide.osgeo.org/download/releases/fusionpreview/

In addition click here to read a 'Frequently Asked Questions' document about "Fusion".

The goal is to provide full integration of "Fusion" into the MapGuide Open Source project in time for the 1.3 release (tentatively by the end of September). The "Fusion" name may also be changed as part of this process. Over the next couple of weeks, DM Solutions will be preparing an RFC for discussion of how to effectively integrate this technology into MapGuide Open Source and to seek the approval of the MapGuide Open Source project steering committee to go ahead with the integration.