MapGuide Open Source Getting Started Resources

This page is intended to summarize the various Getting Started resources available to new MapGuide Open Source users.

Getting Started Guide

When first starting out with MapGuide Open Source, please start with this guide: Getting Started Guide

MapGuide Open Source Discussion List Posting Guidelines

  • 1) If you have a question, don't just ask - research it first on search and include MapGuide. At least 40% of the questions asked here have been asked before.
  • 2) When you post a question about an error - always include the error!
  • 3) Include your OS, Web Server, which API you are using if applicable
  • 4) Be specific about the type of data involved and which provider you are using

Helpful Internal Links

Helpful External Links

  • The Map Guy(de)A blog dedicated to all things MapGuide and FDO. Created by Jackie Ng.
  • MapGuide Central A great "go to" page for all things MapGuide Open Source. Created by community member Zac Spitzer.
  • Random Nodes Blog Miscellaneous topics about MapGuide that might be helpful or interesting. Created by community member Jason Birch.
  • MapGuide Best Practices Wiki Created and maintained by Autodesk, this page is a work in progress.
  • MapGuide Enterprise Demo Sites A very good page for MapGuide Enterprise demonstration and concept sites. Most of the ideas are applicable to MapGuide Open Source as well.
  • MapGuide Notes Miscellaneous MapGuide notes from community member Jeffery Jensen.
  • Geospecialling Blog Miscellaneous MapGuide notes from community member Darrin Maidlow.

Miscellaneous Technical Links