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If you have built a site using MapGuide Open Source you'd like to share with the community, please email the link along with a short description and we'll post it below!

AJAX Viewer Demonstrates how to construct a MapGuide application using the Web Extensions APIs. The application is based on municipal data from the City of Sheboygan. This application is offered in one of three flavors:

Download the source code for this application.

Go to Application Demonstration of MapGuide integration with Google Earth. Query property information and export the results for immediate display in Google Earth. Includes option to download the application source code.
Go to Application This application demonstrates the integration of external database searching tools with MapGuide Open Source. Use the Parcel Search Tool to search the tax assessor database and click on a record to zoom to and highlight that property. Parcel polygons are also hyperlinked to the live County web tax assessment reports. This application was written with the MapGuide Open API using ASP.NET (C#).
Go to Application If you have Google Earth installed, this link will directly open the demo data area. Continue to zoom into the area within the red square to see new data. This site demonstrates the capability of streaming MapGuide Open Source data to Google Earth as network link information. As you pan and zoom within Google Earth, new data is fetched via the MapGuide Open Source and FDO API's based on the viewers bounding box and the information sent back to be viewed as an overlay. This application was written entirely in ASP.NET (C#).
Go to Application GISkit, located in Houten, The Netherlands, develops CAD and GIS applications for the local Dutch market. GISkit also offers a service for local governments to publish their maps to the internet using Mapguide Open Source. This site for the municipality of Wijchen shows an address search utility that can be used on the subsites.
Go to Application This site has been created by Pacific Alliance Technologies, to demonstrate Web GIS using MapGuide Open Source.
Go to Application This site has a several commonly used scripts and API code samples for MapGuide. Download the source code for this application.
Go to Application This site features 3 generic tasks
  • Shareable Markups - creating a persistent, shareable markup layer using the feature source api.
  • Ad Hoc Queries - creating ad hoc queries using the feature source and FDO api.
  • Dynamic Themes - creating dynamic themes on a layer.
Download the source code for this application.
Go to Application The San Francisco Urban Forest Mapping System was developed using a combination of open source and proprietary mapping technologies, with MapGuide Open Source forming the central element. By integrating their two data sets into one, BUF and FUF now have a vital, technology-based tool for tree maintenance and management, enabling urban forest managers to inventory and map existing, future and past tree locations. The map will also be an online tool, allowing citizens to access tree data, report problems, upload personal tree information, such as photos and stories, and add information about privately owned trees to the city inventory. For more information about the project, visit
Go to Application Demonstration of Fusion developed by DM Solutions Group. Fusion is a web-mapping application development framework for MapGuide OS and MapGuide Enterprise built primarily in JavaScript. It allows non-spatial web developers to build rich mapping applications quickly and easily. Using widgets, developers are able to add, remove, or modify functionality using standard-compliant HTML and CSS. Fusion does not require any proprietary browser plug-ins and works in all the major browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Fusion Technical Preview can be download from OSGeo at:
Go to Application The Maps of San Miguel de Allende application provides tourists and residents an easy way to locate streets and business in or around San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Community members are encouraged to include small local businesses that don’t otherwise have an internet presence. A hidden script frame supports URLs that open the map with a layer and location pre-selected. When available, an image of the location and/or a link to more information are provided in the properties pane. (Currently in English; Spanish version under construction.)
Go to Application Mapa Verde San Miguel / Green Map San Miguel was created with Fusion 2.0 and Mapguide Open Source 2.1. The directory and calender pages of the website include links that open the map with a location pre-selected. This guide to sustainable living in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico is participating in Green Map System, a collaborative effort of local mapmakers around the world to chart a sustainable future.
Go to Application MapaOstroleka is a MapGuide Open Source Site from Poland
Go to Application Cartographie de la Vallée de la Fensch is a MapGuide Open Source Site from France. This site was created with new version of Mapguide : Mapguide Open Source 2.1 in November 2009. The purpose of the site is to give an access to the public of the territory in reglementary data concerning the constructibility. All regulations (regulation zonings, mining perimeters, ....) are available for consultation. the reglements are available for consultation in PDF by hyperlink. Provides residents with an easy way to locate streets and parcel in Fensch Valley allowing users to print situation plans.
Go to Application FMWeb is a MapGuide Open Source Site for facilities management . The goal is to provide users of Facilities Management software an easy way to provide access to a more varied audience: CFOs, Maintenance personnel, Human resources and the like.

The FMWeb site contains more details about this application.