MapGuide Open Source 1.2.0

MapGuide Open Source 1.2.0 Release Candidate 2

Release Notes - Up-to-date notes about this release.

Source Code

Use these links to configure, make, and install MapGuide Open Source on Linux. Read the Building MapGuide on Linux document for instructions on how to get it up and running. Note that the source code distribution of MapGuide Open Source 1.2.0 requires FDO 3.2.2, which can be obtained from the FDO downloads page.
  • mapguide-1.2.0rc2.tar.gz [78,889,650 bytes]
    md5: 1f9e338189d9cb08d23a243c4cd314f3
    Compressed tar file that contains source code for both the MapGuide Server and MapGuide Web Server Extensions with configure / make / make install scripts. Requires the FDO API which is available from
  • mapguideaptinstaller-1.2.0rc2.tar.gz [22,197,517 bytes]
    md5: 1408690a49ac5a3438c95a3631ece672
    Compressed tar file that contains source code for the Apache Web Server, PHP, and Tomcat with shell scripts to automatically build and configure these tools for use with MapGuide Open Source.

Windows Installers

Use these links to install MapGuide Open Source on Microsoft Windows.
  • MgServerSetup-1.2.0RC2.exe [21,587,679 bytes]
    md5: 6f9501f2b7c913d8594849c204d7cc6a
    Self extracting executable that will install the MapGuide Server on Microsoft Windows.
  • MgWebServerExtensionsSetup-1.2.0RC2.exe [34,404,590 bytes]
    md5: 0ec3302eb07245b75cfe59139fad1e28
    Self extracting executable that will install the MapGuide Web Server Extensions on Microsoft Windows with the option to either install the Apache Web Server, PHP, and Tomcat or to configure an existing Microsoft IIS installation.

Other binaries

These binaries are not endorsed or maintained by the MapGuide Open Source project. However, we provide a list of links here for your convenience. If there are any problems with or questions about the binary packages please email the MapGuide Open Source users mailing list.

Samples for MapGuide Open Source 1.2

Use these links to get a sample application that demonstrates some of the functionality of MapGuide.

  • [65,301 bytes]
    md5: 38fef1662199ec46e5578b3b2a55e0b2
    Sample application written in PHP that demonstrates how to use the MapGuide APIs.

  • [119,575 bytes]
    md5: 47b3ef5cc6ea035d187e586201f0a378
    Sample application written in ASP.NET that demonstrates how to use the MapGuide APIs.

  • [92,812 bytes]
    md5: 10a8d94965e5725311b643b013db8619
    Sample application written in JSP that demonstrates how to use the MapGuide APIs. Currently, the select button is not working in the Query task.

  • Sheboygan.mgp [13,870,409 bytes]
    md5: b1e987a1af7a4bbc8a3f856391e4f578
    Sample package of data, layer, map, and web layout resources for use with the sample application.

  • Samples-Symbolization.mgp [116,293 bytes]
    md5: dffd7fa3ff179b4dbcbad55ea324cd52
    Sample package with symbolization examples. The LabeledImage and Squares layers are both rendered using SymbolDefinitions. The highways sample shows how to create roads labeled with highway shields. This package requires the Sheboygan package.

Links to Related Applications and Tools

Links to commercial and open source applications and tools designed to work with this release of MapGuide Open Source.

Note for Autodesk MapGuide Studio 2007 (Studio 2008 does not need this patch): Due to a change in session ID lengths an update to MapGuide Studio is required. If this update has not been applied you will see a "The Studio version is incompatible with the site version" error dialog. To resolve this issue use the following method:

  1. Create a backup of the Autodesk.MapGuide.Studio.Site.dll in the Studio install directory.
  2. Download the new Autodesk.MapGuide.Studio.Site.dll from here (md5: 3e145dd517925f45d6984ddcc91652a0).
  3. Unzip the file to the Studio install location.

Once the patch is installed, Studio will be able to communicate with MapGuide Enterprise 2007 and MapGuide Open Source 1.2 and previous servers.