Release 2.5.0

Release Notes - Up-to-date notes about this release.

Source Code

MapGuide source code for this release is available from the Subversion source control system. Is can be browsed online using the Browse Source button in Trac. With the Subversion command line client installed, the source can be retrieved using

svn checkout MgDev

MapGuide Open Source 2.5 requires FDO 3.8.0 which is available from

Windows Installers

MapGuideOpenSource- [146,821,793 bytes]
md5: 0fd4a2a18bf84256ef9fe248da5d0ff6
Windows 32 bit installer

MapGuideOpenSource- [151,651,612 bytes]
md5: c22704531a705e37594d6fee28675ff9
Windows 64 bit installer

Other Binaries

MapGuideOpenSource- [148,819,973 bytes]
md5: 4eff4f36e465f794c2a0fd2d12d4a317
Windows 32 bit InstantSetup bundle (7zip self extracting executable)

MapGuideOpenSource- [152,510,365 bytes]
md5: 6749aae5b793660f38227a6ba0c6bab2
Windows 64 bit InstantSetup bundle (7zip self extracting executable) [14,484 bytes]
md5: 941be362fbaa73b02c47d65287ae1fa3
Ubuntu 12.04 install script (32-bit) [2,002 bytes]
md5: 6297dd335887ba4f2a2d49192cd75495
CentOS 6.x install script (32-bit)