Release 2.2.0

Release Notes - Up-to-date notes about this release.

Source Code

MapGuide source code for this release is available from the Subversion source control system. Is can be browsed online using the Browse Source button in Trac. With the Subversion command line client installed, the source can be retrieved using

svn checkout MgDev

MapGuide Open Source 2.2 requires FDO 3.5.0 which is available from

Windows Installers [123,383,930 bytes]
md5: c59d6afc50ac20f90163e3e743e211c7
Windows 32 bit installer packaged in a zip [123,606,367 bytes]
md5: 19cbe9f862c0eb38641a76738fe0ab1e
Windows 64 bit installer packaged in a zip

Other Binaries

fdosdk-centos5-3.5.0.tar.gz [27,082,408 bytes]
md5: 78ee57fd1993794bbbc0e730d8fa64a6
32-bit FDO binary tarball for CentOS 5.4 / RHEL 5.4

mapguideopensource- [185,288,425 bytes]
md5: fe908b929d09f66a82afb66caaceac80
32-bit MapGuide release binary tarball for CentOS 5.4 / RHEL 5.4 [1,987 bytes]
md5: fe908b929d09f66a82afb66caaceac80
Due to compilation limitations, the Ubuntu build is based on CentOS 5.4 binaries. This installation script installs additional Ubuntu packages and creates symlinks to native Ubuntu libraries to resolve package differences between CentOS 5.4 and Ubuntu 9.10.

Post Release Patches