Release 2.1.0

Release Notes - Up-to-date notes about this release.

Source Code

MapGuide source code for this release is available from the Subversion source control system. Is can be browsed online using the Browse Source button in Trac. With the Subversion command line client installed, the source can be retrieved using

svn checkout MgDev

MapGuide 2.1 requires FDO 3.4.0 which is available from

mapguideopensource- [246,780,039 bytes]
md5: 33be6be518a0279af71277c57aed3e24
For those without Subversion, a compressed tar file that contains source code for both the MapGuide Server and MapGuide Web Server Extensions with configure / make / make install scripts.

Requires FDO 3.4.0 which is available from

Source for the Apache Web Server, PHP and Tomcat with a shell script to automatically build and configure these tools for MapGuide Open Source is also included under Oem/LinuxApt.

Windows Installers

MapGuideOpenSource- [120,369,204 bytes]
md5: f5b86032f72f242329450b16634abba7
Self extracting executable that will install the MapGuide Server and MapGuide Web Extensions on Microsoft Windows.

Post-release patches

Other Binaries

None yet