Samples for Release 1.2.x

Use these links to get a sample application that demonstrates some of the functionality of MapGuide. [65,301 bytes]
md5: 38fef1662199ec46e5578b3b2a55e0b2
Sample application written in PHP that demonstrates how to use the MapGuide APIs. [119,575 bytes]
md5: 47b3ef5cc6ea035d187e586201f0a378
Sample application written in ASP.NET that demonstrates how to use the MapGuide APIs. [92,812 bytes]
md5: 10a8d94965e5725311b643b013db8619
Sample application written in JSP that demonstrates how to use the MapGuide APIs.
Sheboygan.mgp [13,870,409 bytes]
md5: b1e987a1af7a4bbc8a3f856391e4f578
Sample package of data, layer, map, and web layout resources for use with the sample application.
Samples-Symbolization.mgp [116,293 bytes]
md5: dffd7fa3ff179b4dbcbad55ea324cd52
Sample package with symbolization examples. The LabeledImage and Squares layers are both rendered using SymbolDefinitions. The highways sample shows how to create roads labeled with highway shields. This package requires the Sheboygan package.