Getting Involved as a Contributor

There are three different levels of involvement for developers interested in contributing to MapGuide Open Source. These levels of involvement are as follows:

  • Project Contributor - A Project Contributor is a developer who contributes patches, code, and/or documentation indirectly through Trac or via existing project developers. Project Contributors do not have Subversion check-in access. Integration of a developer's contributions is at the discretion of the MapGuide Open Source Project Steering Comittee (PSC) and individuals holding the Project Developer role. This is typically an iterative, communicative process.
  • Project Developer - A Project Developer has full commit access to the trunk of the source tree and has a signed Contributor License Agreement on file with OSGeo. Project Developers can directly make changes to the source of the development branch, from which the nightly builds are made. Project Developers review and accept code submitted by Project Contributors. Project Developers typically start out as Project Contributors. Project Developers can nominate a Project Contributor who has sent in solid, useful patches for Project Developer status. The PSC then votes to officially elect the individual to Project Developer status, at which time commit rights are granted.
  • Project Steering Committee (PSC) Member – The MapGuide Open Source PSC is the entity that manages the project.  A PSC Member is a Project Developer or end user in the community that was elected to the MapGuide Open Source PSC due to their merit and active participation in the project.  PSC Members have the responsibility to vote for project-related decisions and the responsibility to elect individuals for Project Developer status. Note that most PSC members are also Project Developers, but they do not have to be.

Join the Mailing List

Join the mailing list to participate in development activities. The mapguide-internals list is the primary channel of communication for developers working on the project.

Developer Resources

The following resources are available to help developers get started working on MapGuide Open Source:

Areas of Need

If you are looking to get involved the following aspects of MapGuide Open Source could use your help:

  • Bug Fixes - Our Trac site has the list of current bugs or tickets.
  • Platform Expansion - Updates to the code and make files to support as many platforms as possible is greatly encouraged.
  • Localization into new Languages - MapGuide Open Source is fully globalized, localized in English. Support for additional locales is very desirable.
  • Documentation - The API reference documentation is a little rough around the edges and the CGI or MapAgent interface to MapGuide Open Source is currently undocumented.